Press Statement from the UN Resident Coordinator, Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Crisis Pledging Conference in Geveva, 23 October 2017

GENEVA/DHAKA, 23 October: At the Pledging Conference for the Rohingya Refugee Crisis held in Geneva on 23 October, the international community came together and vowed to stand with the refugees in Bangladesh, committing to provide US$340 million to the ongoing humanitarian response.

At the beginning of October, the humanitarian community in Bangladesh released a Response Plan that called for $434 million. Since then the number of refugees in Bangladesh has continued to rise, with tens of thousands of people still making the journey across the border every week.

Prior to the Pledging Conference, the Response Plan was funded at only 27 percent. The commitments delivered at the conference were an opportunity for the international community to collectively mobilize resources to provide life-saving assistance to refugees, and members of the host community, in Cox’s Bazar.

Speaking at the Pledging Conference, the UN Resident Coordinator in Bangladesh Robert D. Watkins said, “This is now the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world and there is an urgent need for further funding to enable us to scale up humanitarian operations. We are grateful to the Government of Bangladesh, which has kept their border open, and to the host communities who have been so generous in supporting the new arrivals. We are thankful that the international community has also shown solidarity with the refugees and the willingness to support those who desperately need it.”

“The international community has pledged US$234 million today, making the total commitment of US$340million to address the crisis. This will allow aid agencies provide life-saving assistance, including shelter, food, clean, water, sanitation, health, nutrition and protective services, and prevent a further tragedy from occurring within this current crisis.”

Following the conclusion of the Pledging Conference, the United Nations will follow up to ensure that all the pledges are realized and the funds are swiftly released, while continuing to look for ways to meet the growing needs amongst the refugee and host communities.

PDF version of the Press Release: Press Statement – RC – Geneva Pledging Conference