The reference library of UNIC Dhaka is a vital source of UN information in Bangladesh. The library provides the public with access to a comprehensive collection of United Nations publications, reports, official records and other information materials. UNIC librarian provides personalized service and guidance to visitors in accessing the growing volume of information available in the library and on the Internet.

Print Information Materials

The following types of materials are available in the UNIC reference library:
– Reference materials of the UN and its funds, programmes and agencies;
– Bangla publications including monthly newsletter
– UN documents and publications such as:
– Charter of the United Nations
– Universal Declaration of Human Rights
– UN yearbooks
– The UN Today
– Books, periodicals, maps and posters
– UN flagship reports

Online Information Materials

Equipped with modern communications technology, such as CD-ROMs, DVDs, and the Internet, UNIC can also obtain documentation electronically from UN Headquarters. The following list represents some of the online materials available for browsing:
1. UNBISNET and other databases of the Dag Hammarskjöld Library;
2. Official Documents System of the United Nations (ODS);
3. United Nations Publications Catalogue;
4. Research Guide to UN Documentation.

DVD/Video collections

The library also maintain United Nations DVD and video collections that are available on loan to local broadcasters, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and other interested groups. DVD/Video films can be borrowed by an institution on written application addressed to UNIC Dhaka.

Cyber Cafe

The library users have the access to the cyber unit that provides with free internet browsing facilities mainly UN, educational and related sites.

Visitors need access in UNIC library must be in possession any one of the following ‘Identity Document’:

  1. National ID (NID)
  2. Passport
  3. Motor Driving License
  4. ATM Card with Photo
  5. ID Card Issued by Government of Bangladesh to Government Officials/ Personnel

For free copies of information materials, please contact as follows:

Phone: 9183086, Email: info.unic[at]