UN Library Network in Bangladesh

Formation of the network:
The UN Library Network in Bangladesh (UN L-Net BD) was established in 2002 by the initiative of UNIC Dhaka. The network consists of forty major libraries of government, NGOs, Int’l Organizations, Universities and UN agencies based in Dhaka.

Why this network?
The prime objective of the network is to disseminate and share UN information resources among the following Libraries:

  • Government and non-government organizations
  • Training institutes and academies

And exchanging of publications among the member libraries that published by network agencies.

Objective details:

  • Disseminating UN resources – books, documents, reports, AV materials among the network libraries;
  • Sharing UN resources electronically among the member organizations;
  • Initiating inter-library publication exchange/ loan programme among the network members;
  • Making the training institutes focal points for distributing the UN info materials among their trainees;
  • Making UNIC library a clearinghouse for distributing selective information materials produced by different UN agencies based in Dhaka;
  • Sharing the feedback of locally produced Bangla publications and discuss the further needs;
  • Organizing training, and meetings.

Training and workshop:

Following workshop and training have been conducted by UN library network in different years:

2002: Resource Sharing and Management of UN Library Network in Bangladesh
2003: UN Millennium Development Goals; World Bank Public Information Activities
2004: On-line UN Electronic Resources
2005: Role of Knowledge Managers to Disseminate UN Resources through Website
2006: Webpage Development
2007: Internet and Resource Sharing Tools
2008: Knowledge Management and Digitization
2009: Climate Change; Social Science Information Network; Bibliometrics
2010: MDGs Achievement in Bangladesh; Content Management in Knowledge Centres
2011: Rio+20: The Future We Want; Use of Social Media in Library Services
2012: Knowledge Sharing for Improving Information Service; MDGs–Where Do We Stand in2012
2013: Post-2015 Development Agenda; E-information Resources
2014: Information Services in Rural Bangladesh: an A2i initiative
2015: Sustainable Development Goals&COP21; Impact of ICT in library and Information Services

Focal point:
The libraries of the participating agencies work as focal points of the network.

Working Committee:
A working committee was formed to run the network activities in an appropriate manner with the UNIC NIO as Convenor and UNIC librarian as Member-Secretary.

UNIC library works as Secretariat of the network. UNIC website is the platform of network.

Do you have any queries?
Please contact:
Phone: 880-2-9183080;
Fax: 880-02-9183106;
Email: info.unic[at]undp.org;