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Bangladesh is one of the largest contributors to UN Peacekeeping operations


Bangladesh is one of the largest contributors to UN peacekeeping operations. The South Asian nation first deployed uniformed personnel to serve with the Organization in 1988. As of December 2017, there were 7,246 Bangladeshi troops and police personnel in 10 missions around the world. Bangladeshi peacekeepers work in various roles – some provide protection, others heal and design roads – but all serve under the blue flag to support the governments and peoples of the countries in which they serve. This year marks 30 years of Bangladeshi contributions in United Nations peacekeeping, UN thanks to Bangladeshi peacekeepers.


Pioneer Female Bangladeshi Pilots Deployed in MONUSCO, Democratic Republic of Congo

Bunia, Ituri Province, Democratic Republic of Congo. Pioneer female pilots deployed by MONUSCO’s bangladeshi Aviation unit (BANAIR) in Bunia. The two Bangladeshi aviators are contributing their expertise in support of MONUSCO operations aimed at bringing peace and stability in the DRC.